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Legendary Quest

Legendary Quest is a free Fantasy Role-Playing game that you can download right now!

LQ is based entirely on actual European and Mediterranean folklore and mythology.  There's no fluff here.  It is a work of heart lovingly crafted by history-minded gamers that will blow your mind and just might teach you a thing or two about ancient European beliefs.  Even if you're not interested in switching to a new gaming system right now, Legendary Quest offers a slew of fresh ideas to incorporate into your current campaigns.

Legendary Quest consists of a total of seven books, all of which are available for download (The Grimoire of Game Rules, The Tome of Terrors, The Lexicon of Lore, The Manual of Mythology, Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares The Monsters of the Mediterranean, and The Handbook of Hazards and House Rules).  These books are everything you need to play.  (Well, ok, you'll need dice too.)

Character Sheets:  Materials to help you develop your character and keep track of his or her abilities and equipment during play.
The Grimoire of Game Rules contains the basic rules of Legendary Quest and all the information you need to generate your own character and start playing.  Most of its content deals with in-depth descriptions of all the various options you have in your character's development, from choosing a race to picking a career path.  The Grimoire lists over 160 different classes, ranging from Acolytes, Alchemists, and Barbarians to Woodsmen, Wizards, and Zealots.  It holds over 155 talents, skills, and lores as well, from Acrobatics, Animal Training, and Anatomy to Wine-Tasting, Weapons Resourcefulness, and Wood Lore.  The Grimoire is an absolute must-have to play the game. (194 pgs.)
The Tome of Terrors is an encyclopedia of monsters taken exclusively from mythology and folklore.  It also contains detailed descriptions of all the various sub-races of the standard LQ races.  For example, did you know that, according to folklore, there are a number of elven families, each having its own unique personality?  You'll find the light-hearted natures of the Tuatha De Dannan and Liosalfar elves quite distinct from those of the dark and brooding Svartalfar or the murderous Sluagh Sidh.  Dreaming up gripping adventures for your players proves far easier when you have a solid foundation to build upon, and the Tome is as solid as it gets.  The Tome of Terrors is needed only by the game referee and, in fact, should be avoided by all other players to ensure the greatest enjoyment of the game.  (175 pgs.)
The Lexicon of Lore is Legendary Quest's complete compendium of mage spells.  If black sorcery is your bag, you'll enjoy spells such as Crimson Death, Caustic Mist, and Bloodlust.  If witchcraft is more to your liking, perhaps the incantations of Faery Pinch, Inspirit Tree, and Dryad's Saddle would be of more interest.  Those whose goal is simply to blast their enemies to teensy bits might prefer wizardry, which provides such handy invocations as Dragon's Breath: Flame and Lightning Bolt.  The Lexicon of Lore contains complete descriptions of over 300 mage spells to fill out the repertoires of LQ's more than two dozen mage classes. All students of the arcane arts will find this book to be indispensable. (248 pgs.)
The Manual of Mythology gives priests all they need to flesh out their personas.  It contains detailed descriptions of over 100 gods taken from the Nordic, Celtic, Slavonic, Greek, Babylonian/ Sumerian, and Egyptian mythologies.  The Manual also holds descriptions of over 200 priest spells.  So, if playing a Nordic Berserk strikes your fancy, perhaps you'll take a liking to the Battle spell Thor's Thundering Hammer.  Or, if healing is more your style, maybe a Grecian priest wielding his own Caduceus would fit the bill.  If you have a slightly darker bent, a Celtic sectarian with Balor's Wicked Eye in his hip pocket might entertain you.  In short, anyone playing an LQ priest character needs this book. (194 pgs.)
Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares contains a litany of monsters taken mainly from Celtic and Nordic lands, along with a smattering from Slavonic areas.  In these pages can be found creatures lifted directly from Scandinavian myth, including Fire and Frost giants as well a number of trollish races, both infamous and obscure.   British faery tales also provide you with ample source material.  Descriptions of ice hags, spriggans, swan maidens, and wyverns can all be found in this lore-filled volume.  Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares is a valuable addition to any LQ game referee's library, but should not be read by other players.  (163 pgs.)
Monsters of the Mediterranean is a catalogue of fabulous beasts taken from the lands around the Mediterranean Sea.  The book contains many entries involving the horrors found in Greek legends, including gorgons (of whom the most famous was Medusa), chimeras, hydras, and cyclopes.  Arabian tales provide the tome with interesting material as well.  You might be familiar with djinni, effreeti,  and perhaps even naga, but did you know that ghouls are Arabic in origin?  Less well known, though no less terrifying, are the beasts of Egyptian lore.  Included in the pages of this book are descriptions of the wadjyt, ta-bitjet, ammut, and sphinxes of all varieties.  And, you'll discover that mummies are not all alike.  Monsters of the Mediterranean is a treasured gaming aid to any referee, but should be avoided by other players.  (150 pgs.)
The Handbook of Hazards and House Rules is, quite frankly, a mish-mash of all those rules that just didn't seem to fit anywhere else.  That doesn't lower the value of its content, however.  Its pages include a wide variety of traps and other natural hazards.  Also included are a number of optional "house rules" dreamt up by the LQ play testers and used in various worlds over the years.  Some may be to your liking while others may seem too cumbersome.  After all our extensive play testing, all we know for sure is that no two referees want exactly the same set of rules.  That's why this book really exists.  The Handbook of Hazards and House Rules is not mandatory to play the game, but is appropriate for all players (149 pgs.)

Legendary Quest, The Grimoire of Game Rules, The Tome of Terrors, The Lexicon of Lore, The Manual of Mythology, Celtic Creatures and Nordic Nightmares, Monsters of the Mediterranean, and The Handbook of Hazards and House Rules are all trademarks of LoreWeaver Games, a (notsomuchofa) business based in Albuquerque, NM.

RPG Design Patterns

Design Patterns of Successful Role-Playing Games contains patterns gleaned from a study of many traditional and cutting-edge role-playing games.  Game Summaries of the source materials are also included.  (272 pgs.)

Design Patterns of Successful Role-Playing Games
is made available under a Creative Commons License.

MacGuffin: The Quidnunc and the Hounds

MacGuffin is now available for purchase at the Game Crafter website!

MacGuffin is a cooperative storytelling game. It provides a framework to guide you in creating a gripping story with intertwined plots and character development. It is hysterical at times, tragic at others. Unlike most games, there are no winners or losers, only cool stories.

The game takes advantage of the fact that there are only a relatively small number of plots used in all stories, from ancient myths to modern-day movies. MacGuffin provides 10 main plots and 18 sub-plots from which players can choose to mix into their story. Each of these provides very general guidance and questions about each step in each plot. Players improvise what happens at each step, inspired by the various personality traits of the characters involved in the story.

You can download the game rules for free (either from the Downloads page or from the Game Crafter site)! So you can see if you think you'd like the game before you buy it.

The MacGuffin Game Rules contains the rules for playing MacGuffin, a storytelling game like no other.  (32 pgs.)
The MacGuffin Meta-Plot Booklet contains the prescripted questions asked by the Quidnunc (Game Master) that provide structure to the improvised MacGuffin story.  (53 pgs.)
Your First Game of MacGuffin is a short document showing a quick gameboard setup to help in playing your first game.  (2 pgs.)
The MacGuffin Artwork is a zip file containing the artwork needed to print out your own cards and boards, if you want. However, that would be quite a task. Alternately, you can order a copy of the game from Game Crafter website.  (100 Mbytes)

MacGuffin is made available under the Viral Sanity Licence (version 1.0). MacGuffin and The Quidnunc and the Hounds are trademarks of Whitson John Kirk III.

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