Why Free?

The quality of Legendary Quest and the depth of the research that went into its development are in no way reflective of its price.  In that regard, you get way more than what you pay for.  In fact, the authors and dozens of playtesters took over one and a half decades to create Legendary Quest before offering it to the public in any way.

So why are we offering LQ for free?  Very simple.  Money.  Or, rather, lack thereof.  You see, our research has shown that the main goal of a small-time RPG publisher is to simply break even.  Although we love role-playing, the industry itself is brutal and we really don't want to go about the business of business.  We're players and writers, not tycoons.  So, we figured the best way to avoid losing any money was to simply avoid spending any in the first place.  Makes sense, right?

Consequently, we're making our books available electronically in .pdf format for individual players to download and print their own personal copies.  And, if we're lucky enough for a big publishing house (or even a small one) to see us and decide we might be worth their trouble, we're all for it.  We get to write, they get to publish, and you get to play.  Everyone's a winner.

Legendary Quest is a trademark of LoreWeaver, a business based in Albuquerque, NM.

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